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Everyone in the twenty-first century wants to cut down on their journey time. Electric skateboards aren't a novel concept; they're merely the next step in the progression of skateboarding. E-skates are not only an enjoyable, environmentally responsible, and safe ride, but they can also make a short trip interesting and adventurous. Today, I'll persuade you to buy it with ten compelling arguments. Other than me, eSkateBuddy has some reasons for you to purchase esk8.


E-skates are the most convenient mode of transportation, not only because they make life simpler in the throngs of traffic on congested streets, but also because we all know that petrol prices are steadily rising. When you're trapped in traffic congestion, it's difficult to just sit back and glance out the window. We can, on the other hand, effortlessly float through traffic congestion.

2- Acceleration

With an electric skateboard, you can travel fast for miles and miles through uninhabited streets without exerting any effort. When you're trapped in traffic congestion, it's difficult to just sit back and glance out the window. If we had an e-skateboard, on the other hand, we may simply drift through the traffic gridlock.

3- The brakes

An e-braking skateboard's mechanism is significantly more effective than that of non-powered electric skateboards. All you have to do is press a button because the remote control you're holding determines whether the board stops or moves. Please take a moment to read through eSkateBuddy on Plurk

4- Reliability

Automatic braking is a function on some e-boards. E-skateboards employ regenerative braking, which is a braking method used by most brushless hub motors. Hub motors are now widely acknowledged as being more efficient and safer than belt motors.

5- Cost-effective

Even after the purchase, electric skateboards are rather inexpensive and cost-effective; all they require is a little charge.

6- Environmentally friendly

Because of the grave dangers posed by global warming, everyone is moving toward a more environmentally friendly way of life. "The only thing you can do in this situation is to reduce your natural carbon footprint and Go Green."

Purchasing fuel-free vehicles, such as electric skateboards, is the greatest method to do so.

7- Workout

You can execute a lot of stunts on electric skateboards, so they may be a good source of fitness.

8 - Social Circle

You join a community of millions of cool skaters when you purchase a new electric skateboard. These new pals can assist you with your ride, provide important tips and ticks, and even teach you some pro- tricks.

9 - Technology

When you go electric, though, you have the added benefit of the motor's power wattage chugging you along - pushing you down that slope, allowing you to go a lot quicker and have a lot more fun. There are many great articles about electric skateboards at eSkateBuddy on Folkd

10 - Have a good time

When riding an electric skateboard, you don't have to worry about concentration, and you have more possibilities to glance about and relax than when riding a traditional skateboard.


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